Iechyd Da is a Vegetarian ‘Good health’ cafe in the historic market town of Carmarthen, South Wales


At Iechyd Da we aim to give you a peaceful environment in which to enjoy food that you know has been grown and prepared to certain standards, with as low-impact on our surroundings as possible:

  • Organic: We use certified Organic quality produce wherever reasonably possible
  • Homemade: We prepare and cook almost all of the food fresh on the premises
  • No Artificial Stuff: We do not use artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives
  • Choice: We hope to offer many options that are vegan, gluten free, dairy free and raw.
  • Energy: We use a renewable energy supplier (Ecotricity) for our electricity and gas
  • Environment: We use local, unrefined ingredients wherever possible and try to use eco-friendly cleaning products. We recycle our glass, plastic, paper and food waste
  • Community: We try to encourage the use of the Caffi for community groups, meetings or events at little or no charge.


WiFi: Free wifi is available at the Caffi for customer’s use. Please ask a member of staff for the password.

There is also an iPad available for internet browsing. It is free to use but we hope you can put £1 in the staff tips. Please keep internet usage to reasonable volumes or we will struggle to maintain the service.

Events & Evening Bookings: We are happy to host events and community groups and there will often be no charge. Evening bookings can be catered on an ad-hoc basis for groups of 10 or more. Please ask a member of staff or email info@caffiiechydda.co.uk for details.

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